Sunshine and Stars Learning Center

Providing Preschool and Enrichment

Mission, Philosophy, Vision, Values

The mission of Sunshine and Stars Child Care

…is to provide safe, quality and stimulating care for children

while their parents are away at work.

Emphasis is on providing a pleasant and happy environment for your child.


            We believe that each child is a unique person with individual talents and needs. Our staff, appreciating these individual differences, creates an environment in which each child is free to play, learn, experiment and grow at his/her own rate. Our teachers roles are to provide nurturing and security, along with a variety of stimulating activities to expose the child to a multitude of ideas and educational experiences. Appropriate attitudes and socially acceptable behavior is encouraged through daily living in a caring atmosphere with skillful teachers, and through the experience of working, playing and living with peers. Field trips and community involvement endeavors are included in our older preschool and school age programs as we believe learning for life continues outside the walls of a classroom.



To continue to grow and provide quality care and education at our centers and our staff will continue to maintain quality standards and continue their education. Sunshine and Stars strives to provide care for children while their parents are away, in a positive environment where these children can feel safe & secure, while learning for life as developing children.



Our values are based on

-Commitment to Quality

-Foundations of Morals, Values and Religious Backgrounds

-Community Involvement

-Nature/Environmental Awareness

-Positive Development

-Family Bonds

-Peer Social Relationships