Sunshine and Stars Learning Center

Providing Preschool and Enrichment


 The preschool curriculum program is held in the AM hours between 9-11:30. Attendance 4 or less hours per day is considered Part Time, and Full Time is attendance any 4-9 hours per day. Most children who are attending here primarily for the preschool program without extended child care, have attendance hours of 8-12, with out lunch. Our current curriculum is developed “in house”, in accordance with standards set by both the American Camp Association and the Department of Education. We also look at the National Association for the Education of Young Children standards and best practice when developing. All programs are developmentally based with children learning in small and large groups throughout the day, along with one on one time with our teachers. Our days are full of meaningful and fun hands on learning which incorporates all domains of the learning environment and encourages your child’s life long learning process. Other aspects of our curriculum and daily programming are numerous educational enrichment activities such as preschool story time at the local library, youth group and community involvement, field trips for our older children preschool and up, and we introduce American Sign Language through the Time to Sign curriculum.

We provide a Kindergarten curriculum with standards as outlined by the Pennsylvania Early Learning Standards. Early learning in domains of Literacy, Language, Math, Science, Social Studies, Gross Motor/Gym, Health, Music and Emotional Growth are administered within the program. Children in our program exit prepared with readiness for continual progressive learning.

Call Miss Lori for more information at 610-678-6590.