Sunshine and Stars Learning Center

Providing Preschool and Enrichment



-Parent-I just wanted to take a moment to say thank you to all of you. It makes me feel so good that I have a wonderful daycare to put my kids, with teachers that love and care for them. My children have learned so much from you. And I treasure the relationships that they are building. Love VT

-Tour-Thank you for your time. You and your staff are very knowledgeable and kind to the children. I liked the hands on work and play I saw during my tour. Thank You KC

-Child-This is the best daycare ever. IG

-Parent-Miss Jolene, I wanted to thank you for the care you and your staff gave to --. We are moving and I have searched for new centers in the area and feel we were very blessed to have such a good start here at Sunshine and Stars. Thank you again, we will miss you. BR

-Past Employee-Miss Jolene, thank you for your time and care during my employment. It has been a short time working with you, and I am sad to be leaving this fine working environment that I have learned so much from. I am continuing school, and it would be wonderful to work for you again in the future. SD

-Parent-I love the preschool worksheets and art work----does while in preschool. She is learning so much. Thank You. ER

-Parent- Miss Jolene, I love the individualized family care that Sunshine and Stars provides. I have looked all around and am very pleased to find you. I really hope your expansion continues for the other children in need of care. Great Job with the Kids! MR

-Parent- Miss Jolene, I first met you and your center through your Black Friday Babysitting/Drop In Care day. I would just like to say a little thanks. I am a parent who is against/ not liking of child care. Your small family oriented center, put me at ease and my child really seemed to enjoy his day. Thank you and I look forward to my child being at Sunshine and Stars again. SF

-Intern-Dear Jolene, I just wanted to thank you for this amazing opportunity. I really appreciate you allowing me to work alongside you and taking the time to teach me about child care centers. It is because of this experience that I am pursuing a career in early childhood. In addition, thank you for being so understanding and working around me needs. You are an awesome and caring employer. I do not know many employers who would worry more about my safety, than why I was late for work. So, thank you for all of this and for just being you. I look forward to a future where we can help enhance the minds and development of numerous children in need. Thank you again for all you help and support. AW

-Parent- I just wanted to say thank you this new year with SNS. This center has been such a wonderful change for our family. Miss Jolene and her staff provide so much care and a great education for my children. I recently heard a parent complaining about something and just wanted to let her know how this is such a wonderful place. Miss Jolene and her staff are just like any of us, she actually works two other jobs and is continuing her education. They are awesome. Thank you so much! AK

Testimonials Summer Camp

-Parent- My children loved their first year of full summer camp with SNS. They were both a little tired from the numerous activities and fun they had, I was glad to see this. This meant to me that they were out and moving and having a great summer while I was at work. They continually voiced their excitement of the day as well. LT

-Parent- Thank you for this summer camp experience for my child. As a single parent it was hard in previous years to find care for my older child at a reasonable cost. I was very pleased with this experience and hope to come back again next year. He really enjoyed the day camp and out door experiences and also the numerous additional activities and trips. Thank you for your big camping experience with a family caring atmosphere. anonymous

-Child- Miss Jolene this is so fun, thanks for taking us to the parks and swimming!

-Parent- I would highly recommend your programs to any parent. My child really enjoyed her experiences this summer with your variety of programs and activities, she will also be continuing now with SNS for the school year. Thank you for opening our family to a new view and opportunity for summer camp and school age child care. BP